News Page

September 2016

We will be attending the 18th Century Fair on September 18, 2016 once again. This is at historic Mount Vernon. As usual, costumes are encouraged but not required. Guild members are debating making either Colonial or Civil War themed costumes next for the local historical events. Contact us if you are interested or just show up to the Fair and look for us!

August 2016

This month we took a guild field trip to Miss Lizzy's to learn about 19th Century life. We had a lovely tea and general business meeting and our annual elections. We use slack for our internal business in an effort to schedule more fun and learning events for our meeting time.

The guild chapter discussed developing a series of classes and maker space ideas for local conventions. If you run a convention or have an idea, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page.

June 2016

For something new, we tried the local meeting space at JoAnne's. We also live streamed this event and discussed future desires to transfer our business online so as to make meetings more interesting and educational. We loved exploring the JoAnne's, though that could prove dangerous to members wallets given all the lovely craft supplies. If you know of a location that would be good to meet at, please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page.

May 2016

Busy convention month. Members traveled to Madison Wisconson for the annual Costume-Con. Everyone left with at least one award. Best of all, we had the opportunity to cheer Lisa Ashton when she won the ICG Lifetime Achievement Award. We are very proud to know her, support her, and call her friend. She's an amazing woman with more talent in her little finger than gold in Fort Knox.

May is also Balticon, our regional main costplay Masquerade and everyone in our guild did quite well. We would like to congratulate Mark for his win and work on his latest puppet themed costume. Marianne and Lady Ozma, along with two friends, won a major award for their Titania's Court. All in all, it was a fantastic event and we're proud of every person that entered the competition.

January 2016

We had a meeting with an excursion to the Babylock store in Manassas, VA. Susannah showed us how to make Lace, we discussed a nomination for the Lifetime Achievement Award, and we determined the first Saturday in February to be a Guild Work Day so we can prepare for the upcoming convention season. Hope to see you there. Contact us on social media for more information.

December 2015

We had a Christmas party! Santa came, we ate good food, and we did a gift exchange. Also, our President had a sponsored give away! There will be more on our social Media pages in regards to this in the future.

November 21, 2015

We are having a holiday party! Whatever your holiday is in December, we're celebrating it! As always, costumes are welcome (and encouraged!), but hardly necessary. Bring something yummy to eat and a gift exchange of something under $10. Meanwhile, we're going to have a special and exciting give away by our Madame President, Lady Ozma! You won't want to miss out!

November 19, 2015

We have a new logo!

The new logo for our guild chapter was created by our President, Lady Ozma. As our name came from the oft-used regional descriptor, 'NoVA' for Northern Virginia, and the large amount of area individuals in the aeronotautics and space fields, it was decided to play on the [super]nova. The colour purple was selected as it not only fit with a space theme, but also mystery and luxury which both fit in with costuming. The font selection was also chosen to contrast both the classic and fantastical with the futuristic nature of costumes as the Costumers' Guild tends to run the gambit of cosplay genres.

The NoVA Costumers' Guild target audience is anyone with an interest, love, or passion for the art of costuming. We welcome all from novice to master, young to old. We also welcome those who enjoy animorphic, anime, historical, recreation, and costumes of your own design. There is also a place in our ranks for those who specialize in other aspects of the field such as make-up, prosthetics, props, jewelry, and etc.

The NoVA Costumers' Guild features costumers of all ages and styles and so finding a way to blend everything together was the main goal in creating the logo.

October 21, 2015

What are you thinking about for Halloween this year? Some of our Guildmates are working on the following list of costumes.

We also have one family choosing to go as Greek dieties.

  1. Nyx
  2. Hera
  3. Aphrodite

October 15, 2015

Return for information about our upcoming Christmas party! As usual, no costumes are required, but always welcome! This will be a fun and social event, but always feel free to bring a Work-In-Progress or something you need help with completing.

September 2015

We had a lovely time at Historic Mount Vernon this month. Our secretary, Mark, attempted to come in the closest he had to a costume. We discussed working on more historical costumes to attend all the local historical events. Currently, several of our members are making full Regency (complete with underpinnings) costumes for an event in November.

August 2015

We have formed our very own chapter of the ICG. We have filed with them and been accepted as an affilaited chapter. This month, the founding members met briefly to plan ideas for what to do, accept Bylaws, and determine dues. At this time, dues are suspended for founding members until we finish the actual business particulars of chpater setup.

June 2015

We have come together to form an actual Virginia chapter of the International Costumers' Guild. Expect more as the summer progrsses!