We have many events and hope to see you sometime!

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March: We do not have a March meeting set up. We are looking for a neutral location. If you have ideas, please let us know on our FB page.

February: Work Session

We offer a work session on Saturday, February 6. Get ready for those spring conventions! Also, Lady Ozma is at two conventions and willing to work with anyone attending and needing some extra work time. Note: Lady Ozma tries to not work on a costume for a convention at said convention. She just likes to take handwork and sewing with friends is always better than sewing alone!

December: Holiday Party

We hope to see you at our first annual holiday party! We're celebrating whatever you want to celebrate in December. Please RSVP in the email group. This would be an excellent time to bring a new costuming friend to meet everyone. This event will be 95% social and only 5% business! Madame President doesn't want a heck of a lot of business mucking up her holiday revelry, but is excited to see everyone and hoping for some new faces!!

September: 18th Century Faire

This month we are gathering for the 18th Century Faire at Historic Mount Vernon. We can enjoy all those in Colonial garb and maybe learn a few things as well as tour the mansion and experience some fun. There is next to no business at this time and we are just here to enjoy the day. For lunch we will gather at the nearby picnic tables.