Board Members

President: Lady Ozma

Lady Ozma as Satele ShanLady Ozma comes from a multi-generational costuming background and has participated in the costuming world since 1986 and works in the entertainment industry. She also enjoys any excuse to dress up, trying to find ways to work geeky/retro/costumes into her every day wardrobe. Connect with her anywhere on the web under the guise of "Lady Ozma".

Previous costumes she's designed and worn: The Firebird - from the classical ballet, Ozma of Oz, Cleopatra, Nyssa from Doctor Who, Sarah in the ball gown from Labyinth, Mary Marvel from Fawcett Comic's 1945 comic book series, Vio from Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, Satele Shan from SW:KOTR, just to name a few. She stays fit as a member of the Hogwarts Running Club.

With a goal to bridge the gap between costumers and cosplay, Ozma travels to many conventions and looks for ways to encourage anyone in their enjoyment of the costuming arts.


Marianne in her Regency Gown at the Gadsby Tavern Marianne began costuming after college when she bought her own sewing machine. Devoted to her cause, she sold blood plasma for an entire summer to earn the money. Her first competition was at Balticon. She won Best in Class: Novice with "Sister of Battle". She quickly moved up the ranks and received Best in Show: Workmanship at Costume-Con in the Historical Masquerade with her plunderhosen.

Marianne is a mother of two and professional writer. She enjoys historical costuming, embroidery design digitizing, and games.