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Site Name | NoVA Costumers' Guild

Site Purpose

This website will give both prospective and current members of the NoVA Costumers' Guild information about the organisation, events, and membership. In the future it will also serve as a portal to help find tutorials, photographs, and other resources in regards to costuming.

Target Audience

  • Who: People interested in costumes, costuming, cosplay, and the art of costume design.
  • Age: 2-102
  • Technology: Anything from a family community computer to smartphone.
  • Income: All income levels. Costuming appeals to everyone, some just don't have the money to afford the truly fancy stuff.
  • Motivation: An interest in costuming and learning more. This is for the costuming novice, enthusiast, designers, history buffs, and fans of the speculative genres to find others and build their craft.


Martin Vladimir

  • A picture of Martin Vladimir
  • Occupation: Retired school teacher
  • Demographics: 75 years old, volunteers at the library
  • Goals: Find people to share his hobby with now that his wife has passed away
  • Social: Enjoys visiting with friends, loves social media, and wants to grow his family of pseudo-kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews
  • Technology: Windows PC for his Embroidery Machine, iPad, and Android smartphone
  • Quote: More bats!

Bobbie McFakerstein

  • A picture of Bobbie McFakerstein
  • Occupation: Student
  • Demographics: 16 years old, lives with both parents, hopes to be a writer when she grows up
  • Goals: Learn how to make all the cool costumes she's seen on the internet. Her dream is to recreate a FemmeShep cosplay from her favourite game, Mass Effect but knows that she doens't have any skills to allow her to do so currently.
  • Social: A bit of an introvert, but loves to talk when she finally finds a group she's comfortable in. She uses Facebook and Tumblr daily.
  • Technology: Family computer, the library computer, and her parents finally just gave her an old beat up Android phone.
  • Quote: Go big or go home because YOLO!


  1. What is the International Costumers' Guild?
  2. What does a local ICG chapter offer me?
  3. Are there local cosplay/costumers?
  4. Can my family cosplay together?
  5. When are local events and gatherings?
  6. How can I learn more about costuming and/or improve my current skills?

Content Architecture

Content List

What is the International Costumers' Guild?
  • The ICG is a 501c 30+ year-old educational non-profit. There will be a link to the official ICG website, for users to learn more about the parent organization.
What does a local ICG chapter offer me?
  • A local chapter of the ICG cahpter gives you local discounts, workshops, people to partner with, and other resources determined by locality.
Are there local cosplay/costumers?
  • Yes! There will be photos on the gallery page as we have more events and information on upcoming and past events. Come and join with us at our next meeting or find us at an upcoming convention.
Can my family cosplay together?
  • Absolutely! Some guild chapters, including the NoVA Costumers' Giuld, offer a family rate that will dicount dues for members of a household. We would love to build our ranks of junior members and try to make all events family friendly.
When are local events and gatherings?
  • We will have a page of events and appearances so you can know where to find us! As long as we are not performing, we're more than happy to talk to you.
How can I learn more about costuming and/or improve my current skills?
  • The best way is to come out and meet with us! We have work sessions, tutorials, Q&A's, and the like at our meetings. Everyone loves show and tell, and there's plenty of time to mingle. Our website will also host video, links, and written tutorials as we create them. If you have a request, feel free to ask!

Site Map

The site map for NoVA Costumers' Guild
The site map demonstrates the basic layout of the site in purple and the foldered backend layout in pink.

Style Guide

Color Scheme

The colour scheme will be monochromatic purples leading to a black font so as to match the purples in the logo.

(Main Background background)
(Body Background Colours)
(Nav Anchor colours)
(Default Font colour)
(heading colours)
(Nav and footer background w/ 40% transparency)



1. Default Body Text Arial, sans-serif 16px (1em) #000000
2. Site Level - Heading Level 1 (H1) Impact 64px (4em) #000000
3. Primary Navigation Impact 16px (1em) #500e72
background: #EEEAEE
4. Heading Level 1 (H1) Impact 36px (2.25em), normal #000000
5. Heading Level 2 (H2) Impact 28px (1.75em), normal #000000
6. Heading Level 3 (H3) Impact 22px (1.37em), normal #000000
7. Heading Level 4, 5, and 6 (H4, H5, H6) Arial, sans serif 16px (1em), normal #FFFFFF
8. Footer text Arial, sans-serif 12px (.75em), normal #FFFFFF


Navigation will sit near the top of the page with the logo to the left. It will be light purple (#EEEAEE) with dark purple text (#500e72). Navigation will be uniform across the site.

Illustration of proposed navigation

Responsive Sketches

Desktop and Laptop

Sketch of design for full-size device.


Sketch of design for tablet


The navigation will use a drop down menu found on the left top where the eye naturally falls.

Sketch of design for smartphone device